Lak Alkyd Satin

Solvent-borne alkyd finishing lacquer with a satin aspect as well as a perfect smoothness and flow, resistant to wear and tear, dirt and skin sebum. Guarantees an excellent adhesion on previous coats of lacquer.

Ideal for all types of substrates subject to regular luminosity and intensive use.

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  • Can size
  • Base
  • Tint

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Areas of use




Spreading Rate

12 to 15 m²/l

Drying time
Touch dry

6 hOurs

drying time

18 hOurs



Technical information

Previously painted indoor and outdoor substrates made of: wood and derivatives, metal, hard PVC...

Do not apply on horizontal surfaces that are in constant contact with water, nor on stairs, parquet and hardwood floors.

  • High covering effect.
  • Permeable to water vapour.
  • Long open time.
  • Good core hardening.
  • Isolates most water-soluble stains after carefully cleaning the substrate.
  • Excellent adhesion on previous coats of lacquer.
  • Perfect finish thanks to its excellent smoothness and flow.
  • Optimal resistance to wear and tear, dirt and skin sebum.
  • Easy upkeep: washable.

With the 3 bases (W, M and TR), obtain a range of over 30,000 shades.

Please be aware that the darker the shade, the weaker the resistance to abrasion and to UV rays.

Our LAK ALKYD SATIN contains an alkyd resin which, indoors, ages differently than an acrylic resin. Tip: dye the product in a colour different to the one on the walls covered in acrylic paint.


On slightly absorbent substrates, dilute the first coat with 5 to 10% white spirit. 

Do not dilute the product if you want to isolate a water-soluble stain.