Primer Equaliser

Water-borne and water vapour permeable primer that evens out porous substrates’ absorption, reinforces slightly powdery surfaces, and improves the adhesion of finishing coats.

Ideal for unpainted walls and ceilings.

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  • Can size
  • Base
  • Tint

This combination does not exist.

Area of use




Spreading Rate

8 to 11 m²/l

Drying time
Touch dry

30 minUTes


5 hOurs



Technical information

Unpainted indoor substrates made of: plaster, plasterboard, cement coating, concrete and brick. 

Can also be applied on previous coats of matt paint. 

On powdery or very absorbent surfaces, opt for our FIXATOR PLUS or FIXATOR AQUA

Avoid using our PRIMER EQUALISER on wood or on shiny surfaces.​

  • Renders opaque, which helps to achieve an optimal result with fewer coats.
  • Preserves water vapour permeability of finishing coats.
  • Sets non-adhering particles.
  • Hardens substrates lacking in cohesion on the surface.
  • Prevents sinkage on substrates with uneven porosity.
  • Improves the adhesion of finishing coats.

With the 3 bases (W, M and TR), obtain a range of over 30,000 shades. 

Please be aware that the dark shades decrease the primer’s adhesion and isolating power.


On slightly powdery and/or absorbent substrates, dilute the first coat with 5 to 10% water or 10 to 20% of FIXATOR PLUS to enrich the formula, giving it more fixating properties.