Packaging technique


We place great value on the protection of the environment and therefore have naturally selected packaging and transport techniques that respect the earth and its inhabitants.

We are actively engaged in preserving the planet through the following measures: 

The adhesive tape used to close our boxes is made of Kraft paper, a natural material made of 100% biodegradable pine fibre. It is not bleached by chemical treatment, which allows natural decomposition in a few weeks without impacting the environment or health.

We fill our boxes with corn starch chips to reduce the impacts that our paints may experience during transport and ensure safe and protected transportation. This cushioning material is 100% biodegradable and in a very short time thanks to its exclusive composition of natural raw materials, namely air, water and vegetable starch.

Its extra: if you don't want to put it in your compost right away, it is perfectly reusable to transport any fragile and delicate merchandise or object.

We pondered at length about how to process plastic packaging waste from raw materials and goods delivered by our suppliers. We wanted to find a way to give them a second life before recycling them.

The solution found was to use them as an additional cushioning material to the starch chips in order to route our products even more safely and ensure an intact delivery. We believe this solution is ideal to give this plastic packaging a second use instead of simply recycling them after a single use.

The boxes used to ship our paints are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which certifies that the raw material for our boxes comes from responsibly managed forests. They are robust and secure, which ensures optimal protection of our products.

Their advantage: they can be reused many times thanks to their high resistance, which puts them in line with the circular economy principle.

We work with a carrier that ships our packages smartly based on the different locations where our customers reside. The planned routes are designed in such a way as not to make unnecessary round trips and detours. It further optimises journeys by consolidating our deliveries with those of other companies. All these provisions allow our products to travel fewer kilometres and therefore reduce their carbon footprint.